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MARCH 2022


For many years, MEIXNER has been successfully active in the Kingdom of Bahrain with digital city models, orthophotos, LIDAR and 3D computer vision.

The completion of the first complete 3D city model with 5 cm pixel resolution has strengthened the close partnership with the government in Bahrain. The digital data models and LIDAR data were recently handed over to the Director General in the Ministry.
In the coming years, MEIXNER has been awarded to exclusively advise the Kingdom on all matters relating to digital data acquisition, 3D modeling and a wide range of applications in the field of photogrammetry and image processing for digital administration.

MEIXNER was thus be able to secure its excellent position for the entire Middle East, which began more than 10 years ago with the overall survey of Abu Dhabi and recently also successfully installed most modern 3D planning tools in Saudi Arabia.

November 2020


Interactive City models with random interaction capability with persons, animals, and nature phenomenas. Simultaneuous variability and simulation of day and night views, various weather phenomenas and the combination with 3 D architecture and green-building visualization (Smart City) at highest geodetic data accuracy.

3 D model of the City Perchtoldsdorf/Lower Austria; ®meixner

JUNE 2020


Our quality management system was again certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 in June 2020 and the officially recognized quality standard was confirmed by the handover of the certification certificate.
The ISO 9001 certification relates to our entire company, to all employees and to all processes.

• Cadastral surveying
• Engineering survey
• Geomonitoring
• Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• 3D computer visualization and city models
• photogrammetry
• Digital aerial photography
• Image processing and user-oriented software development
• laser scanning
• Mobile mapping

The quality of our services and products is an important distinguishing feature of our company in international competition. This includes not only product quality in the narrower sense, but also the quality of the organization and processes, from procurement through production to sales and customer service.
As an innovative family company, we stand for accuracy, adherence to delivery dates, innovative economic solutions, which we use with an experienced team of employees using the latest technologies in the field of measurement, photogrammetry and 3D visualization to the best customer satisfaction. By continuously improving our services and processes, we ensure the long-term success of our company.
We take the requirements of our customers very seriously, and with our well-founded, worldwide knowledge and advisory skills we are always looking for the best possible solution.
Cohesion is our strength! We share knowledge, work together in a network and make sure that all employees can enter the broadest possible field of activity. We provide extensive further training, the compatibility of work and family and offer individual career opportunities.
We share common values, common goals, and pursue the same high quality standards with our strategic partners and subsidiaries. We actively promote and demand compliance with our quality standards, build on our high level of expertise and broad expertise, thereby ensuring long-term cooperation for mutual benefit.

Our credo:
• Timely services, precise order compliance, wide range of delivery formats, legal certainty,
• Comprehensive legal security and advice, timely services, precise order compliance, long-term partnership
• Scientific cooperation, innovative strength, extensive knowledge of technologies
• Market and technology research with new, innovative solutions based on well-founded analyzes
• Where our services provide ecological information for society (river-bed surveys, forestry inventory and damage detection), it is important to collect data in relation to ecology and to prepare the information in such a way that it is generally understandable and can be communicated to the population and opens the doors for a better and sustainable environment.


New airplane for aerial surveying

We have accomplished our department “Photogrammetry – aerial photography – digital mapping” by a new TwinCommander AC690.

The plane is equipped with 2 turbines and enables us to operate word-wide even for special missions within short time of notice.

November 2019

New hub in Ghana

We have been finalizing the cooperation-agreement with JOSPONG Comp. of ACCRA/GHANA.

With this strong link to Western-Africa we have established a powerful hub in this region.

October 2019

Survey for the Worldrecord in Vienna

VCM / Leo Hagen
VCM / Leo Hagen

Eliud Kipchoge's latest and successful attempt to break the two-hour barrier for the marathon took place in Vienna on 12th October.
He became the first human who broke the two hour barrier in the marathon with 1:59,40 hours.

Meixner had to survey the whole course with centimeter accuracy and to optimize the lines which were clearly marked and could be easily followed by athletes.

September 2019

Great success and response at the INTERGEO fair in Stuttgart/Germany

Sensational applications with 3 D technology convinced the experts

Interactive PLANNINGTABLE: based on the famous Hologram-technology of Euclideon – the newest development in Computervision – a new 3D tool for governmental organizations, city and township planers, facility management and architects

Geoverse software for interactive manament and manipulation of unlimited size of 3 D for City modelling and planning of roads and railwaylines

Vault: based on internet access for computervision and direct access through cloud or server for unlimited number of clients

Asset management with Meixner Technology for large infrastructure projects, with several testimonials from large european airports, industrial complexes and detailled data management

Exceptional aerial image projects: with our airplanes we were able to prove highest resolution and accuracy of up to 1,5 cm (1/2 inch) GSD/pixelsize

April 2019


Our digital 3 D documentation of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris gives an excellent example of what our 3 D technology was able to perform already some 10 years ago. 

Nowadays we can offer this 3D information for the reconstruction and renovation of this church which was so tragically damaged recently. 

Our most advanced 3 D technology of the detailed documentation of historic buildings has been applied at many objects of cultural heritage.

January 2018

3 D DOCUMENTATION of the famous Church Saint Charles in Vienna

For this we have been producing 160.000 high resolution photographs and accomplished terrestrial laserscanning. Based on our software and image processing technology we calculated the 3 D model of this most elaborate cultural heritage object. The accuracy of this 3 D model is about 1 millimeter and shows the baroque church with all details inside and outside, including the columns, staircases, paintings, bells-tower and all details of this construction.

For the first time this church was surveyed to such a detail and finally transferred with our 3 D Geoverse system. This software now enables everybody to interactively work on it for any purposes of restauration but also provides an interactive fly-through offering the full resolution of the data capturing.


UltraCamEagle M3

4 micron sensor

Since recently we have been extending our capacities in aerial photography as we have acquired as the first company world-wide the most modern Vexcel UltraCamEagle M3 camera.

This enables us to offer the most modern sensor system for your projects and guarantee the most economic solution and price.

With this very new system we can even use short weather conditions for your projects and are able to produce more images than anybody else on the market compared to any other camera system on the market.
This new camera is a sensation and has unmatched capabilities which we may offer to you for your projects worldwide.

MAY 2016


From today on and for the first time we offer a complete 3 D City Model of the City of Vienna. This is a perfect tool for Architects, Engineers, political institutions and the City council. The basis are new digital aerial photographies and was generated automatically with our software.

The applications are manifold:

Since now you are able to interactively manage, manipulate, and handle any design or planing in any different stage of your planning the new project. This guarantees a much more objective judgement of new planning and construction embeded to the current 3 D City environment.

Real Estate companies are fully aware of the possibilities of such a perfect 3 D model which can be interactively presented all around the world through internet and has a sensational impact in all marketing and sales efforts. 

Person in charge:

Dr. Philipp Meixner

3D Modell Wien



The first permanent installation in Europe!

The sensational 3 D Simulation – Room provides for perfect data management of all of your 3 D data in a 3 D virtual environment as if you would be fully immerged in your complete data set.

Instead of simulation and data management at your computer monitor you now move fully free in the space and you are able to explore your planning and the as-built situation interactively. 

Unmatched and a much more complete impressions in the Holographic Room will make your interactive planning and working with your 3 D data much more efficient and reliable.

A never before known adventure and perspective!

Test the efficiency of the Holographic Room with us tomorrow! 

Bring your 3 D data with you.

We will convert them to a fully new dimension of working with. 

send us your desired date: 

or +43 676 3303033

APRIL 2015

Ready for city modeling with 3D Aerial Photography of UC_Osprey!

The new UC_Osprey was successfully installed in our Piper Aztek for a complete data recording of the city of Graz.

The challenge for our chef-pilot and the operator was great as the weather conditions varied quite extensively and we experienced quite strong thermal winds in the early spring afternoons.

We were able to take about 10.000 aerial images with a total of nearly 10 TB disk storage.

The 3 D modeling could be performed with the new UnlimitedAerial® software of Holistic Images of Graz, a spin-off of the Technical University of Graz and leading in the field of automatic digital True Ortho processing to completely avoiding the tedious process of seam line editing!

June 2013

EUCLIDEON® software – signing of exclusive distribution agreement

Meixner Imaging GmbH is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with the market-leader in 3D visualization software EUCLIDEON® of Australia.

Meixner is currently developing its own dealers network in Europe, GUS, Middle East and Africa.

The unique EUCLIDEON® software Geoverse Modeler and the Viewer enables you to convert any 3D point cloud for easily exploring, flying-through or measuring in Real-Time this data.

There is practically no limit in data volume and this software brings you even datasets up to 140 TeraByte onto your laptop or provides access through internet.

There is no loss in accuracy or data and provides a large variety of add-ons such as the integration of CAD drawings, simulation data or historic data as long as they are georeferenced.

Meixner offers the conversion as a service to the geo-industry with a large variety of application in the field of 3D models from Airborne-Laserscanning, dense matching data or street-mapping

We have experienced a strong interest also in industrial plants visualization and country-wide access to existing 3D laserscanning data of governmental organizations, reconnaissance and military evaluations. Together with our dense network of dealers in our region the EUCLIDEON® software and the services which MEIXNER is offering to any customers worldwide we are convinced to make EUCLIDEON a new standard in high-level geo-visualization.

March 2013

KSA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to give notice about our newest cooperation partner in Jeddah, KSA.

The Haimigroup under the leadership of Dr. Abdullah Al-Haimi, is one of the top companies in KSA in the field of IT and land Surveying and MEIXNER contributes to this partnership our long-term experience in the field of aerial sensors, photogrammetry, digital aerial surveying, 3D city-modeling, industrial surveying and consulting.

MEIXNER has been on the Saudi market since 1978 with its headquarters in Jeddah and is now relaunching its activities on this very difficult but challenging market with its outstanding technology.

More than 150 employees will guarantee a most professional and economical work.

August 2012

Additional company-owned airplane for Aerial Projects

Meixner has acquired and is already successfully operating another company-owned plane. This fully equipped plane is well suited for aerial photography and airborne laserscanning projects.

This enables Meixner to offer an even stronger workforce for photogrammetric projects around the world.

Our Cessna 340A can be flown pressurized, is well equipped with Robertson Stoll Kid, and Vortex Generators for low altitudes and slow flights.

Meixner therefore is proud to offer the most modern and flexible Cessna 340 of the photogrammetric community, well prepared for high altitude flights as well as Low-level flights and TAS 80 kts. if required.

All of our planes are company-owned and registered with the Austrian AustroControl (ACG) and this guarantees highest reliability and quality also of our photoflights..

July 2012

Cooperation Agreement with Saudi Arabia

The business related activities of MEIXNER in the Arabic countries and in specific in Saudi Arabia date back to 1978. Starting with land surveying and aerial photography and photogrammetry MEIXNER enjoys a high reputation in image processing, image analysis and land cadastre. With its own fleet of well equipped aircrafts for aerial surveying and ALS Meixner has proven its flexibility and high quality production of geodetic data.

Today a high ranking delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia paid a visit to Austria as to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries. On this occasion finally an agreement has been formulated according to which the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will strengthen its ties with Meixner in the field of Technology und Science.

Meixner will do its best to cope with the challenges of the large Saudi market and will be open to any Austrian entities to facilitate a appropriate entry to this market in the Middle East in the field of Remote Sensing, satellite imaging and photogrammetry.

March 2012

Cooperation with Kasachstan

Meixner and the federal organization of Remote sensing and Space Technology of Kasachstan agreed upon a close cooperation in the field of space technology and remote sensing. On the occasion of the recent visit of our Dr. Harald Meixner in Astana, the capital of Kasachstan, the cooperation was signed with the worldwide well-known cosmonaut Prof Mussabayev, federal minister and also national heroe of Russia and Kasachstan.

The cooperation will include a wide range of scientific and technology exchange as well as training courses in Austria and Germany.

March 2012
March 2012

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